The House

The house that today hosts the b&b “Antica Dimora La Portazza” is an old family house built in the 1700s. In the following century, many architectural changes and additions were made, until completion at the beginning of the 1900s, the Liberty period. It has recently been restored and returned to its original typical Sicilian splendour. “La Portazza”, together with the already existing Baglio “La Portazza Resort” has brought into being the idea which our ancestors had for the entire property. The house, belonging to an old local family, the Montalto’s, was conceived as a place where the whole family could come together to spend the summer months convivially, in particular at harvest and vintage time. A tradition passed down through the generations, which our family still enjoys today and wishes to share with guests.


Choose from a variety of sizes and styles.

Nonna Angela

Double room with sitting room.

Nonna Agata

Double room with sitting room and two bathrooms.

Nonno Federico

Double room with private terrace

Nonno Totò

Double room with private terrace

Guest Reviews

The place is just marvelous - the rooms bring their guests in another historical period, the house is more than stylish, combinining renovated artefacts and latest equipment. The garden and the balconies are beautiful! My husband and I highly recommend this accomodation!
Alena, (BG)An escape to paradise!

Wild Beauty

The b&b is located in Marsala very near the Laguna dello Stagnone, which was made into a Nature Reserve in 1984, in order to preserve its huge and precious ecosystem. Here it is possible to observe a number of migratory birds such as pink flamingoes, herons and cormorants, who find their natural habitat here and stop on their long journey towards Africa in the autumn and towards Europe in the spring.
The Laguna is also known for its salt pans, squares of water divided by narrow strips of land, forming an irregular, multicoloured chess board. It is not unusual to see men working the salt in the old traditional way here.

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